1. Heathrow Airport United Kingdom 24 May, 13.31 by Timo Arnall.

  2. Lilleajervegen 20 Norway 18 May, 12.45 by Timo Arnall.

  3. Lars Hollos gate 1 Norway 17 May, 19.07 by Timo Arnall.

  4. Disen alle 23 Norway 17 May, 20.06 by Timo Arnall.

  5. Sentrum Norway 16 May, 22.36 by Timo Arnall.

  6. Kirkegata 3 Norway 17 May, 11.16 by Timo Arnall.

  7. Gamle Oslo Norway 13 May, 20.38 by Timo Arnall.

  8. Feltspatveien 31 Norway 10 May, 15.51 by Timo Arnall.

  9. It’s not like Schulze and Webb are dead, and neither is Timo, and all the other great minds in BERG’s orbit. But it feels like a significant moment: as significant, I think, as their turn into internet-of-things products and services, which had its own sadness for a lot of people. I imagine there’s a chill wind in Shoreditch today. I hope they will all go off in search of the next new thing, as they used to, and fly more innovations. I get to be sad, though, because I’m always sad when a launchpad gets decommissioned. I wish them all the very best.

    Never let me name anything.

    For BERG, My London Launchpad | MORNING, COMPUTER (via iamdanw)

    (via iamdanw)

  10. Barcelona–El Prat Airport Spain 9 May, 06.36 by Timo Arnall.

  11. Barcelona–El Prat Airport Spain 9 May, 06.36 by Timo Arnall.

  12. Escola Massana, Centre Municipal - UAB Spain 8 May, 21.59 by Timo Arnall.

  13. CCCB Spain 8 May, 19.02 by Timo Arnall.

  14. CCCB Spain 8 May, 19.03 by Timo Arnall.

  15. Zurich Airport Switzerland 6 May, 20.15 by Timo Arnall.